Christos Raches, also written Christos Raxes or Christos Rachon, is a beautiful village. In distance of approx. 5 km from Armenistis it's situated 500 meters high in the mountains. It is surrounded by pinewood, which smell constantly blows across the village. Christos Raches has approximately 350 inhabitants, who live scattered around the local centre. Christos Raches is the regions principal place. There are a police station, schools, sports fields, a health center and many small Shops, which group themselves around the local centre. During the day it is very beautiful in Raches, but if you want to experience the place and its inhabitants really, then you should better come after 9 pm. Then the village awakes really to live and flowed its flair. The people are sitting together and speak with each other, play Tavli, go shopping etc.. I cannot describe this great atmosphere with words. You must experience it. A walk from Armenistis over the old road, which leads over Agios Dimitrios, is a must for the visitor of the northwest. The way leads across an old crushed stone road across the close pinewood. Every few meters the view to the beautiful landscape of Ikaria is presented to you. Tourism does not play a big role in Raches. There are only few rooms to let.
View of 'Christos Raches'
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